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    June 20, 2009


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    Heather Lalley

    What a wonderful post! I love each of your points.

    Thanks for joining "Cooking Away My CSA!"

    Happy cooking,

    Laurie Ashton Farook

    I love your post! Excellent points, all of them.

    I think the one that grabs me the most today is the whole reconnecting back to Mother Earth idea. You're right a lot of people in Westernized nations have no real idea where their food comes from or what it takes to grow it. Getting back in touch with that is important. It's grounding. Or something. :)


    I completely agree! I always say that although I try to be healthy in other ways, being in a CSA is by far the best thing I do for my health. I'm sure CSA members eat far more fruits and veggies that the average American.

    Also, I like that it forces me to try to learn to love previously unloved veggies because I can't stand to throw anything out.

    April F.

    Thanks for the great feedback. Nanette, excellent points. I like the "previously unloved" veggies. Just tonight I made chard soup, which is not something I would have tried before CSA!

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