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    July 16, 2009


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    A trick with dredging slimy things like tomatoes is to dredge first in flour or constarch (salted) then buttermilk or whisked egg, then in your ouside coating like panko or cornmeal. Try to flip only once and have a good nistick surfac. It's still a mess though.

    Christine VB

    Also, you 'll want to use the "wet hand/dry hand" method where one hand handles the dry stuff like panko, and the other works on the wet, like eggs. If 8 year-olds can get used to it, grown-ups can too! We may make something of this genre in our Farmer's Market class down at The Kitchen Studio on Saturday. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for the link to www.frederickfoodie.com! I'm linking right back to you as soon as I can pop back on the blog! :)

    April F.

    Thanks for the tips! I will try them next time. (Confession: I sort of enjoy getting my hands totally gooey/slimy sometimes. I usually remember the wet/dry hand method immediately after I bread my fingers!)

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