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    February 13, 2010


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    Laurie Luck

    Do post again on how the no-knead-bread turns out. Looks so interesting! I'd love to try it.

    April F.

    Here's the no-knead bread recipe I use (from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything): http://nyti.ms/bU8AWl

    I use 2 cups bread flour and 2 cups whole wheat flour, instead of all bread flour. I've only tried this using an enamel-coated cast iron Dutch oven, which works really well. Just remember to preheat it while you are heating the oven.

    Beth Schillaci

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I always enjoy seeing what you are cooking too. Can't wait to be part of the Truffle Shuffle Part 2 with you!


    It's funny how a blizzard makes you want to cook and bake like there's no tomorrow. I did the same thing until I got sick! Now I'm on bed rest for a few days until I get over my case of bronchitis and my strained back starts to heal. With that being said I am especially grateful for the blog links to peruse!

    More snow is in the forecast for this week, I'm hoping it skips right on by and leaves no trace that it was ever here!


    Thanks for mentioning me on such an awesome list! I'm very flattered. :-)

    And I hear you on the winter comfort food. Christopher has been baking up a storm, and I'm concerned my work clothes won't fit when I finally make it back to the office!

    JenniferG of Hip As I Wanna Be

    Thank you for including me in such terrific company! Between you, Beth and Christine, I am going to have to learn this whole cooking thing. My husband is amazed at the fact that I now want to learn so much... heehhe!

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