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    May 01, 2010


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    Beth Schillaci

    It looks great. I can't wait to follow the progress this spring/summer. I'm just not brave enough to tackle such a project. I'll stick to my herbs.


    Looks good to me! What do you have planted in the raised bed? If it's mostly herbs, I wouldn't worry about them being too close together. :-)


    Alas any tips I'd give would kill every plant, so I'll only provide encouragement. Nice work! It looks like you planned well and the box is very pretty with everything. :)

    April F.

    I planted mostly lettuces (the cut and come again type), a few kinds of tomatoes and peppers, scallions, spinach, radishes and a couple eggplants. Only some annual herbs are in there (parsley, basil, dill, lavendar) - my perennials are in pots, as are the beans and cucumbers. Having killed many a houseplant, I am a bit nervous about this, but it's fun so far.


    Everything looks great! About digging up that sod-- what a pain, right?!

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