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    June 02, 2010


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    Erika G

    Just stopping by, looking for a garlic scape recipe I saw mentioned on Twitter (but never bookmarked!).

    We used to have those stinkin' Japanese beetles and used the Japanese beetle catchers but they ended up attracting them more than get rid of them. The next year we ignored them and now they're (magically?) gone -- maybe it had something to do with the death of our treeling. If they came back I was going to try the milky spore -- have you tried it?

    Erika G

    Oh and I love your garden! :-)

    April F.

    Thanks Erika - I thought the beetle bags seemed to just attract more beetles too, but haven't tried much else. They weren't too bad last year (maybe something with the weather?), but I think they like the heat, so they're likely to be back in droves this year.

    The garlic scape pesto recipe I posted on Twitter was part of the CSA newsletter I write each week for Summer Creek Farm. Here's a link that week's e-mail (feel free to subscribe - all are welcome, even if you aren't a member of our CSA). http://eepurl.com/zlBP

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